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Healthy Pathway Consultation

If this is your first visit, or if you’re unsure that massage can help with your unique issue, schedule this session to sit down with your therapist, or talk over the phone about how massage can help and create a treatment plan. In-Person consultations will include some hands-on time for assessment, not treatment.

Healthy Pathway Consultation In-Person – $65

Healthy Pathway Consultation by Phone – $50

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Clinical Massage Sessions

Body Balance Spa specializes in working with clients who are dealing with pain, whether that pain comes from a chronic condition, recovery from an operation or injury, or as the result of “overdoing it” in your hobby, sport, or work.  Pain relief sessions will include a detailed intake and assessment followed by a customized treatment plan.  Sessions include the use of hot and cold therapy, stretching, and home care recommendations.  For more involved issues that require more than three sessions, a Rapid Results Program would be a better choice.

Minor Pain Relief Spot Treatment – 15 to 20 Minutes – $25

Targeted Pain Relief Sessions – 30 to 45 Minutes – $100

Targeted Pain Relief Sessions – 45 to 60 Minutes – $115

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Therapuetic Massage Sessions

All massage sessions at Body Balance Spa are unique and customized to fit your individual needs.  Every session includes a brief intake discussion to see what your needs are at the time of the session.  Treatments include aromatherapy, hot towels, heat packs, the use of cold or hot stones, biofreeze, along with stretching and energy work as indicated and determined at the beginning of the session.

30 to 45 Minutes – $70

45 to 60 Minutes – $90

75 to 90 Minutes – $120

105 to 120 Minutes – $180

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We have a variety of enhancements that can elevate your massage experience. If you’re unsure about what would be a good add-on for your particular needs, let us know, and we’ll create a combination catered to you. Enhancements are available as standalone treatments, though the price may be different due to the added length of the standalone option.

Paraffin Treatment  —   $15 for hands or feet ($30 for both)
Paraffin thermotherapy increases circulation to renew tissue while moisturizing dry, cracked skin from the inside out. It provides therapeutic relief of pain due to arthritis, joint inflammation, muscle stiffness, and/or injury. 15-minute treatment (30 for hands and feet)

Foot & Hand Baths  —   $10 for hands or feet ($20 for both)
Foot and hand baths are a great way to prepare the feet and hands for a massage session or as a finale to any treatment. Foot baths help relieve rheumatic aches and pains, revive tired and burning feet, and pamper your hard-working, and often forgotten, feet. Hand baths offer a wide range of benefits to your often-abused hands and help with arthritic pain, ease cramps and give your hands some extra attention. 15-minute treatment (30 for hands and feet).

Body Brushing   —    $10
Body brushing uses a firm, natural bristle brush to brush the body, starting at the extremities and moving towards the chest. This benefits the body by stimulating the lymph system, exfoliating the skin, cleaning pores, and increasing energy and blood flow.

Mini Salt or Sugar Glow   —    $15
This mini exfoliation treatment will remove dry, flaky, dead skin cells and reveal the soft, supple, healthy skin beneath. Pores are left free of dirt and bacteria that builds up over time, leaving your body looking, and feeling, fantastic. The scrub increases circulation reduces the appearance of cellulite and helps your skin absorb, and retain moisture.

Mini Wrap Treatment   —    $15
You will work with your therapist to choose one area of your body to be wrapped; your therapist will choose the proper type of wrap ingredients to fit your needs and desired results. These treatments can leave your skin detoxified, nourished and supple. Treatments can also help improve circulation, treat acne, and help alleviate muscle and joint pain.

Power Nap   —    $10
Ever wish that you could stay in the comfy massage bed following your massage? Add a power nap to your massage and reap the benefits of a brain-boosting power nap. Your therapist will set a zen alarm to sound after 20 minutes so you can relax in the treatment room meditating or catching a little snooze.

Sinus Relief Treatment  —    $10
If you suffer from allergies or chronic sinusitis, this treatment will help alleviate the pressure associated with those conditions. Your therapist will work with you to choose the appropriate essential oil blend. The oil will be administered through a steam treatment that diffuses into the air of the treatment room. During the steam treatment, your therapist will gently massage the sinus area, apply specific acupressure points, and use massage strokes to help encourage sinus drainage. Following the steam treatment, a cold pack will be placed across the sinuses to further assist with relief.

Toasty Toes —    $10
The perfect solution for those who suffer from chronically cold feet and seek relaxation and a sense of well-being. Regulating body heat to the legs and feet can help you get a good nights sleep, increase circulation, provide relief from arthritis, and ease the general aches and pains that come from having tired, overused feet.

Eye Treatment  —    $10
Choose from different treatment results for your eyes. An eye treatment can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles while soothing and relieving tired eyes. Treatment starts with cleansing the eye area and removing makeup; the appropriate mask is then applied, depending on the goal of the treatment; the mask is removed, and any remaining product is gently massaged into the skin. Finally, rest under a heated or cooled eye pillow, depending on which therapy complements the treatment.

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