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Healthy Pathway Consultation

If this is your first visit, or if you’re unsure that massage can help with your unique issue, schedule this session to sit down with your therapist, or talk over the phone about how massage can help and create a treatment plan. In-Person consultations will include some hands-on time for assessment, not treatment.

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Clinical Massage and Therapeutic Massage Single Sessions

Body Balance Spa specializes in working with clients who are dealing with pain, whether that pain comes from a chronic condition, recovery from an operation or injury, or as the result of “overdoing it” in your hobby, sport, or work.  Clinical pain relief sessions will include a detailed intake and assessment followed by a customized treatment plan.

All massage sessions at Body Balance Spa are unique and customized to fit your individual needs.  Every session includes a brief intake discussion to see what your needs are at the time of the session.  Treatments include aromatherapy, hot towels, heat packs, the use of cold or hot stones, biofreeze, along with stretching and energy work as indicated and determined at the beginning of the session and home care recommendations.

For more involved issues that require more than three sessions, a Rapid Results Program would be a better choice.  Check out our Treatment Plans and Programs Page.

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I also offer a variety of enhancements that can elevate your massage experience. If you’re unsure about what would be a good add-on for your particular needs, let me know, and I’ll create a combination catered to you. Enhancements are available as standalone treatments, though the price may be different due to the added length of the standalone option.

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