Body Balance Spa is dedicated to helping you find your balance.  We have treatments that help you balance your muscles, balance your structure, balance your energy, and balance your skin.  But what is it that we mean by balance?

To me, being in balance means that everything is aligned.  All the different pieces and parts of our body and essence are doing just what they were made to do.  Movement is effortless, tasks are performed with ease, and we feel at peace within our own skin.

So how can a Spa help you find all of this?

In order to balance the muscles, we need to first get them unstuck from each other.  Muscle bellies become adhered to each other through overuse, injury, and strenuous activity.  When you have two muscle’s adhered together, then when one does it’s job, it’s pulling on it’s neighbor and is being pulled on by it’s neighbor.  Each muscle is unable to work efficiently and at full capacity.  This causes strain and tension, which creates trigger points within the muscle, and movement becomes painful and/or takes more effort.  Massage can help to alleviate the tension in the muscles, and specific deep tissue work seperates muscles, and releases trigger points.  Add stretching and strengthening into the mix, and you get muscles that work more efficiently and with less effort.

In order to balance the structure, we need to look at the entire body, and the fascia that surrounds it.  Fascia interpenetrates and surrounds every single muscle, bone, organ, and cell of your body.  Think of it as a tight fitting knit jumpsuit.  When an area of this suit becomes stuck, or twisted, it pulls on the rest of the suit, and doesn’t allow the suit to move and stretch properly.  All this pulling and twisting forces the body to compensate to bring us back into proper relationship with gravity.  However, while we might be aligned now with gravity, we are out of proper structural alignment, and the muscles have to take over to keep us from falling over!  Myofascial Release treatments work with your body to release and unwind all of these fascial adhesions allowing the system to soften and let the structure come back into proper alignment.

By rebalancing the energy of our bodies through techniques such as Reiki, we bring the flow of the aura and the chakra’s back into balance.  This rebalancing allows our bodies to use the full capacity of our energetic nature to heal ourselves, keep our immunity up, and have a positive calm mood.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body.  It’s the barrier between our insides and the environment.  The skin protects us, and is also the first thing that people see when we interact with one another.  When the skin is out of balance, due to sensitization, oil overproduction, acne, dehydration, premature aging, or hyper-pigmentation, it  has an impact on our confidence and self esteem.  When you bring the skin into balance, it’s not only able to better protect us, but it becomes a visual representation of our health, and self esteem.  When your skin looks good, you feel better about yourself.

So let Body Balance Spa’s treatments help you find your balance, help you to feel at ease in your own skin, effortless in your movement, and live a pain free life.

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