The 4 Phases of Wellness

The 4 Phases of Wellness

The 4 Phases of Wellness

Did you know that Wellness has Phases?

Throughout my years of practice, I have noticed that the people who come in tend to be in one of four ’Phases of Wellness’.  These different phases require different approaches to treatment and the length of time spent in each phase depends on the type of issue a person is dealing with.  We also tend to cycle though the various phases on a regular basis.  While striving to be at optimum pain free health is a great goal, life comes along and gives us illness, stress, and injury.  On top of that, as our bosies age we discover new aches and pains that take us out of optimal health and down into another phase.
Here is a bit more about these phases and what they mean with regards to how I treat each person in that phase:

Phase 1, the “Suffering Phase”

You know you are in this phase when you have mild to severe pain, limited movement, stress – you name it.  During this phase, I begin by identifying where you’re ‘at’ and what your wellness goals are, and then we design a plan to get you there.

Once I understand the cause of the problem and we reduce your symptoms, you transition to Phase 2.

Phase 2, the “Corrective Phase”

This Corrective phase is where we continue to provide relief, while also supporting you to make structural (and sometimes mental) changes. Then, when everything is stable, you will move to Phase 3.

Phase 3 is the “Maintenance Phase”

This phase we create a plan which is designed to maintain your state of wellness, so there is no relapse and we can put out any ‘fires’ before a flair-up becomes a real problem.  This is also the phase were you start getting back to your ative lifestyle and push yourself past any previous limitations that you had while in Phase 1 and 2.

Phase 4 is the “Wellness Phase”

The final (top) Phase on our RoadMap to Wellness is the ‘Wellness Phase’, where you would be when you are striving to be in your absolute best state of wellness, to either compete, perform, or live in tip-top shape! In Phase 4, you will receive on-going services to maintain your peak level.  This is usually in the form of a monthly membership, or single sessions when you need them.
Are you someone, or do you know of someone who is currently in the “suffering phase”? If so, please contact me!
Help is available with my Rapid Results Programs.
What is a Rapid Results Program?
A Rapid Results Program is an intensive program customized for your specific complaint and wellness goal. They last 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the complexity and severity of your issue. Programs differ from single session offerings or even series purchases in that they are created with a specific end goal, and are meant to be used close together. Another benefit of a program is that any additional services, products, and home care items are included.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the wellness phases, or about the Rapid Results Programs.

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